Learn how to win more work using the methods that suit you best. While my blog, book, and 26 Proposal Tips are fantastic tools to jump-start or refresh your learning, there is no better way to learn than to dig into your real proposals to apply these techniques. Here are some of your choices for ways to do this.

Learn While We Work Together on Proposals That Win

Transform the culture of your entire firm into one that is more marketing-minded. With Short-term Embedded Proposal Solutions (STEPS), you receive consulting services that will help your proposal teams develop superior proposal writing skills.
In order to learn quickly and win work at the same time, there is no substitute for learning on the job. I offer proposal strategy and editing services that help you set your proposal up for success. During the proposal development process—from kick-off to editing the final document—I help you incorporate the concepts, tools and techniques that I teach in my courses and books. Our first proposal together will be twice as effective. Your second proposal, three times more effective. After the third proposal, you will have mastered the art of the winning proposal.

When you include me on your proposal development team, your proposal will become more persuasive because we will make it more memorable. Being memorable positions you to win.

As a business development strategist and proposal editor, I will challenge you to think about what makes you best suited for this project, given your qualifications and approach. I will help you uncover what the client is really buying—not just their technical requirements. I will help you ensure that you hit themes that will connect with the values of the evaluators. I will also help you learn to use the Three-S proposal elements for supreme effectiveness: substance, structure, and style. Use the difference-makers I teach for the Three-S elements and you will triple your chances of winning your next proposal.

Learn and Practice During a Workshop

Improvement in proposal writing happens best when learning is not treated as a training event, but rather as a process. I designed this course to help you and your team gain knowledge and skill over a period of months, while working together in natural work teams on real work. Not only will you be learning, you will be writing winning proposals and reusable content along the way. I offer an on-site series of workshops that can be adapted for your specific needs. Below is an overview of the workshop series, which can also be conducted via webinar. 3 month series of 2-1/2 hour workshops with 1-3 hours of “homework” between sessions. This is an action-learning approach–that is, learning while getting real work done.

Course Goal: Learn best practices for winning proposals and in the process.
1. create great, reusable content

2. begin to create standards and guidelines for winning proposals

3. begin to create a standard process for writing winning proposals

Module One : Elements of Winning Proposals
Goal: Understand the building blocks of winning proposals: substance, structure, and style
Homework: Use Evaluation Checklist to evaluate a past or current proposal

Module Two: Winning Cover Letters and Executive Summaries
Goal: Use techniques for persuasive arguments for your solution
Homework: In teams, rewrite cover letter or executive summary for a proposal

Module Three: Personal Resumes/Bios That Answer “Why me?”
Goal: Write compelling bios that tell your story
Homework: Rewrite your bio [participants without bios begin to work on proposal standards and guidelines]

Module Four: Similar Projects That Resonate
Goal: Write project descriptions that get noticed and remembered
Homework: In teams, rewrite 2-3 project descriptions for often-referenced projects

Module Five: Business Writing for Winning Proposals
Goal: Learn and apply writing techniques that streamlines your message and simplifies the writing process.

Module Six: Visual Design of Written Proposals
Goal: Identify best practices in page design
Brush Up
Two months after completion of the course, reconvene for reinforcement of key concepts, share best practices and lessons learned from applying the techniques over that period.

Interview Team Preparation and Coaching

Assist with preparation of strategy, visuals, and script for your presentation, then coach the team to victory!

Learn from a Thorough Evaluation of a Past Proposal

Together, we will use a proposal evaluation checklist to assess two past proposals (i.e., past the submittal deadline and either won, lost, canceled or withdrawn). The proposals can be any combination of winners or losers and written or interview presentations. By going through this post mortem proposal assessment, you will learn ways to make future proposals stand out against—perhaps even box out—your competition. You will come away with wording that you can immediately put into your next proposal. Here’s how it works:

1. Together, we review the proposal evaluation checklist
2. Independently, we evaluate your two past proposals
3. We meet for 90 minutes (via phone and screen share) to review the evaluations
4. You receive my written assessments and redlined proposals
5. You also receive a summary of findings and suggestions for future proposals