This book will help you write winning proposals

I wrote Win More Work to help professional services firms and their marketing professionals write winning proposals. This e-book will be a surprisingly quick read, given how packed it is with tips and examples. You’ll learn about how a failed mindset, which I term “betterness,” traps you into writing losing proposals. You will learn how decision-makers choose and why your being memorable trumps your betterness. You will learn the Three-S Elements of proposals–substance, structure, and style–and how to use each element to become memorable and win more work. The book addresses difference-makers of written proposals and interviews presentations.

Win More Work

Praise for Win More Work…

Most readers never get past page 18 of a 250 page business book. You can read this book in one sitting, maybe even during one plane flight! One engineer read the book cover to cover and wrote to me,

“Great Book!  You did a remarkable job and I caught myself stopping in the middle of a couple sections and writing down ideas for upcoming proposals.”I received an email from an architect, “Very helpful, simple and direct, the way proposals and presentations should be.”

And yet another architect, “As I prepared to write a proposal I took time reread your book. I may not need to read it before every proposal, but it sure does help to get a refresher.”

Win More Work is now available in electronic format for Kindle and at the ACEC bookstore.

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